Bug Bounty Programs Management

Effective solutions in cybersecurity and data protection are what we specialize in. One of the most interesting and efficient practices focused on developing optimal safety and data protection is a Bug Bounty program. Wdrozenia.com is managing such programs and can lead you to a significant increase of your organization’s security standard.

Wdrozenia.com manages Bug Bounty programs on such platforms as :

HackerOne – the world’s largest bug bounty platform, founded in 2012

Bugcrowd – one of the first crowdsourced security platforms

What is a Bug Bounty program?

A Bug Bounty program is a system of rewards for finding and reporting bugs in the entity’s cybersecurity framework in order to improve its security level.

This is simply based on hiring hackers who perform controlled attacks, for example on the servers of the company which wants to take advantage of such services, and search for vulnerabilities, errors and gaps in that company’s security system.

Finding gaps in your cybersecurity is a fundamental part of your data safety

If any of all the hired bug-hunters finds a flaw and hacks the company, he reports it and gets a financial reward for his vigilance and help in identificating what has to be fixed. In vast majority of cases, this action has large impact on improving data protection and establishing high safety level of the organization that has undergone such a security test.

This type of solutions are recognized and applied mostly by large companies like Google, Facebook, PayPal or Apple. However, we change the game and make these services available for every organization.

Whether you’re a big organization needing complex cybersecurity check, or you just want to test a single application, we will raise your safety and minimize the risk of your data getting hacked.