Virtual CISO

vCISO at is focusing on cybersecurity management. That is why our offer includes services that will immediately help you to implement and develop full protection of your data resources.

Have you ever thought about high-skilled hackers who might attack your organization’s information resources? Have you wondered about the consequences?

Have you ever had any doubts about your organization’s cybersecurity level, but couldn’t afford a full-time stationary expert who could cope with these issues?

Don’t worry, we are the qualified professionals with years of experience and we are here to give you a hand! Let us introduce you to our Virtual CISO offer.

Take care of your organization’s cybersecurity  

The increasing safety of your data equals your credibility growth

The acronym CISO stands for Chief Information Security Officer, meaning an executive of senior-level whose role is to establish and manage proper protection of the organization’s technologies and information resources. A CISO also takes the company or an institution into his custody by managing the staff in terms of implementing processes inside the organization to analyze and minimize the risks connected with information technologies.

In this respect, a Virtual CISO (vCISO)  is an outsourced IT security specialist and a certified professional responsible for the organization’s information security expertise, implementation, management, and guidance.

Hiring a virtual CISO will enable your organization to gain access to highly professional information security practices, knowledge and experience, with no necessity to hire a full-time stationary specialist. This action will enable you to have a flexible contract with an experienced expert who will adapt to your needs and help you to protect your organization’s data, infrastructure and customers. A virtual CISO will do as much for your information resources security as you allow him to, with guaranteed objectivity.

Hiring a virtual CiSO is a growing business model involving remote and on-site support of your IT security, and requiring much less financial outlay than in case of a full-time worker.

It is all up to you whether you wish him to take care of your entire information security system, or its particular aspects. vCISOs usually do not require any training, and are ready to cooperate right after acquainting with your needs and situation.

At we also provide security consulting and assistance for particular projects. We will support and lead you to develop a fully stable project security model, maintained individually to a definite project.

We provide a wide range of services within our flexible Virtual CISO offer, based on your individual needs, security requirements and business goals, including:

  • Vulnerability monitoring – security testing, management and validation

  • Internal security training for the organization’s staff

  • IT risk assessment

  • Project-based security consulting

  • Cybersecurity leadership and guidance

  • Penetration testing of servers

  • BugBounty program management

  • Establishing vision and direction of the information security program

  • Planning, writing, analyzing and approving the Governance Risk Management and Compliance program (GRC)

  • Cloud computing security and advisory services facilitating suitable data protection operations

  • DevOps testing and assessment

  • Formulating, reviewing and approving security configuration, standards, policies and procedures

  • Constant maintenance of security-related processes and controls

  • Incident response procedure arrangement and disaster recovery

  • Internal audit

If you are looking for a flexible and profitable deal with a IT security specialist who will be available on your demand, then hiring a Virtual CISO is the best solution for you.

It is estimated that vCISO costs around 40% of a full-time stationary CISO, however, as we mentioned in the previous points, the benefits are much more numerous than just the cost.

We can offer you highly professional support on the field of information technology security and cybersecurity management.

Our static pricing:

  • Per week: $500

  • Per month: $1800